Greetings, and a very warm welcome to Cyrell. Lose yourself in a world of power, betrayal and, of course, magic. This is a world where one man, or one dragon, can change the course of history.


The Blood King Chronicles is a series of fantasy novels set across the history of Cyrell and the known lands. It is a history of prophecy, kings, war and magic, where one man, or one dragon, has the power to change history. Take a moment to discover the secrets buried within.

This is a fantasy series I have been planning for several years now. I have started work on the first book – The Blood Within (TBC) and should have a working draft completed within the next couple of months.

This is very much a process of bringing this world together so that I might share it with you. Thank you for taking the time to find my humble corner of the internet. I welcome you all to this world and hope to share my journey with you. This is an ambitious project for me and I thank you all for your support.

By the Blood, may the Fates show mercy.

~H.S. Cook