#JuNoWriMo – yet another month

So I have found something else to spur on my writing and they call it JuNoWriMo.

Unfortunately, a very tired brain decided it sounded like “You no write mo’e” and I set out to prove it wrong. So far, something over 30,000 words are on the page. My hand is crampy, my wrist protests, but my pen will write ever on into the sunset… and beyond.

So in the spirit of writing challenges, I will see if my first draft looks anywhere near complete this month. It puts a spanner in the works for First Draft Boot Camp starting at the end of June, but sets up July’s Camp NaNoWriMo with the rewrite goal instead of the writing goal.

So let’s see what this summer has in store. If Right of Blood is completed sooner than expected, it will be on to book 2. I’ve been toying with a title: Bonds of Blood. Still iffy about the first though so this may all change.

How about Rebellion, and Uprising? That would lead into the next one… decisions decisions!

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