Creative hours

I have never quite understood why, but my creative (and productive) hours fall between midnight and 4am. I am very much a nocturnal creature, and I struggle to sleep when my mind is racing.

When I do manage to doze off, I tend to have vivid dreams. The downside is not remembering all those dreams upon waking; I am sure there could well be some good stories to be found.

I find this both a blessing and a curse. I am fortunate in that I know when I am the most productive. I can tap into those hours and push through until 9 or 10am. I believe I could ride the wave until the following night if I tried, but I have other responsibilities – writing is, after all, a part-time excursion and, in theory, a hobby.

The curse is the hours. With work and a life during the day, it is impractical to be up every night. While I have always had issues sleeping regularly, I will always need to sleep eventually. Usually, I grab a few hours shut-eye two out of three nights, but this is far from consistent. Often, I cannot sleep even that much. But man cannot live on naps alone.

Another benefit of odd hours is being able to interact with fellow writers across the pond. So far, the UK pool on social media seems small, or at least less chatty. Of course, this is likely due to them all working harder and not procrastinating (a sin of which I am incredibly guilty), rather than simply not existing.

Tonight is one of those nights. Instead of working directly on my draft, I am bouncing ideas and development off some friends across the great waters. I use MUD games to help develop stubborn characters, and the best role-play is during the night. Another hour of this, and I am going to be back at the drafting. Coincidentally, it is when the interwebs start to quieten down. I should manage four, maybe five, hours before taking myself off to university.

When are your creative hours? Are you a night owl, a morning person or do you just love to sleep?


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