On the Blood

Mankind lack one ability shared by the many races that form the Otherkin; the power to wield the drýlic, or the ‘magic within’. Being the weakest of all races, and outnumbered at the time, the ancient scholars unearthed the writings of the dragons, children of magic.

It was the god known as Drylac who had infused the known world with magic. When the world had been formed, and life born, he blew across the lands. His breath carried the magic that would shape the Otherkin and allow the land to prosper. His children were guardians of that power, shaped by it and born of no creature.

The Otherkin, who lived on and through magic, grew in races and number, while mankind were left to flounder. They had too little magic held within their bodies to match the power of the Otherkin. Upon learning of the Ælic, the language of the gods and their children, scholars found a way to harness the ‘magic without’. And so, the ælic was formed.

It would be wrong to say that man created the ælic; they discovered something that was taught in Otherkin infancy. The power to bind magic through both word and will, drawing on the world around them, was nothing new. It was, however, avoided in the other races for the price was steep. Few men had the ability to wield this power, and even fewer could understand the price. Ælic was a hard and precise tongue and to misspeak a single word put all at risk. Regardless, humanity now had power enough to make their mark upon this world.

It is said that Ferenfedthera, the Old One, was the first to bond with man. The dragons saw the souls of children in the lesser race and sought to guide them. In the beginning, their teachings and warnings went unheeded, and so the Old One called upon the human king. In a meeting witnessed by a loyal few, King Tsorin and Ferenfedthera were bonded by blood. The first of the riders was born, and the lineage of royalty forever changed; the blood of dragons would persevere through the generations, gifting the royal line with the power man had so desperately craved.

This line became known as the Blood; a mark of those descended directly from Tsorin of Cyrell. From the Blood, many riders came to be, chosen by the dragons who shared a kindred soul. Their lives were longer than those of normal men, and they ruled with honour and integrity, bringing peace to a land threatened by war. Treaties formed with the Otherkin allowed man to prosper, spreading through the known world and beyond.

Others, who had an affinity with the ælic, were gathered to form the House; an army sworn to defend the people. It was this army that granted the strength to expand the small kingdom of Cyrell, encompassing the known world as the people grew in number. Rarely, a rider would be born of the House, though most not of Blood were Otherkin.

Following the 126 year reign of Tsorin, no king could be rider, nor rider be king. It was agreed that no single individual should wield so much power. The line remained small and contained, with over-proliferation frowned upon; they feared dilution of both blood and power. It was impossible to hide a child of the Blood, the characteristic red eyes of Ferenfedthera present in all.

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