Filling in the gaps

It has always been my kryptonite – the scenes that connect major events. It isn’t so much that I struggle with their content, but how best to write them.

For example, right now. I have hit a minor block in my writing, trying to get Prince Tarsin ar’ Saine from where he was to where he needs to be (and will be, provided I get there). He is battling with boredom, disappointment, anger and frustration. He is in an annoying intermediate stage of being.

So what I am trying to do now is feed that anger. I’m slowly adding fuel to the fire until he is no longer able to contain it. My compliant, dutiful prince must reach that point where he rebels against his family and the very institution he was raised in. He is his own person – not some puppet for them to make use of.

This change cannot happen in an instant, hence my current situation. Not much is really happening plot-wise in this chapter. It is centred more on character development and foreshadowing, setting the scene for him to betray both father and king. By the end, he needs to be plotting, calculating his new path. There are those around him who will add to his resentment, either by acting as a new source, or encouraging him to act in a way that is currently cotrary to his nature.

Writing helps me to develop these intermediate scenes. Just by writing this, I have developed an idea of how to handle these changes. Sometimes, I just need to push through and deal with it in the rewrite. I would rather not leave the matter unresolved, however. Tarsin goes through some of the biggest changes over the course of the series, and encapsulating that into his character this early on is vital to allow his growth later.

May the Fates look kindly upon me.


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