An interview with Allie May

So today I am interviewing Allie May. She also writes fantasy and writes to combat hypergraphia.


It’s lovely to be talking to you, Allie. So tell me, what have you written so far?

A string of unfinished novels, a notebook full of poems, a few short stories, and finally one finished novel! I also run a blog and write posts twice a week.

Very much like myself. So many beginnings and a lack of endings ^.^
So you have finished a novel. That’s fantastic. Can you give us an insight into your main character? What does she do that makes her so special?

1355119318Crown Princess Kylanore Tykranne is the seventeen-year-old daughter of the corrupt king and queen of Tykra. Her parents were arrested when she was a child because they were tampering with the balance of the powers in the Four Kingdoms by giving her brother all four powers. When Kylanore comes of age, she discovers that she also has all four powers, but hides them in fear. When she is sent to school to prepare to take the throne, her powers are discovered. She’s special because she’s unique, even though she wishes she wasn’t.

Kyla is also crippled. When she was six years old, her older brother burned her right hand and arm and she had to relearn to write using her left hand.


Aww, that’s really sad. I hope her brother gets his comeuppance. Poor Kylanore. I hope you have enjoyed writing Powerful. What surprised you most about it?

Finishing wasn’t as hard as I expected! I’ve always struggled to get through the middle of a novel, and this time, there was enough plot to keep me excited and it encouraged me to keep writing because if I was excited about it, then readers will be too.

That’s always half the battle. It is hard to be interested when you know it so well. I am sure it is a great read and I am already excited about it. So do you write full-time or part-time?

I used to write full-time, then I got a part-time job that I thought would occupy more of my time so I planned to write only part-time, but my job has a lot of downtime so I end up writing pretty much every day now!

That’s great. I imagine having something else to do can make the writing sessions more productive. So finally, could you tell me, what is your favourite movie, and why?

How to Train Your Dragon is my favourite because it’s got a good plot, interesting characters, and adorable dragons!

Thank you so much, Allie. It has been a pleasure speaking to you!


You can find out more about Allie May by following the links below. Allie is a fantasy author and mother of the world’s cutest dog. She runs the blog, Hypergraphia. Hypergraphia is the overwhelming impulse to write and she combats it by writing fantasy novels and writing twice a week. When not writing or working, she is usually at Disneyland. At present, she is editing Powerful while working on another novel she started when she was twelve: A Fairy’s Tale. On the weekends, you may catch a glimpse of her in the shadows as a light-saber wielding superhero … maybe.

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