H.S. Cook was born in 1991 and raised in Essex, UK. She discovered a passion for writing at an early age, dabbling in horror, comedy and fantasy shorts. When not writing, she spent her time in the library, reading anything she could find. She wrote her first novels while in high school before taking a break and heading to university to study Forensic Science. Now a keen molecular biologist, she has returned to the writing scene with an idea that has only grown with time.


Hi everyone, and thank you all for checking out my website. I am currently in the progress of creating a working draft for The Blood Within and hope to have it all on paper at least before the end of the summer.

I mainly write fantasy, generally high or dark (or both) and have a  love for creating worlds. When not writing, I am studying for my PhD in Molecular Biology, and love the wonders that can accompany research.

I currently live in Lincoln, UK, with my husband and a menagerie of animals. I write whenever I get the chance. My first drafts are written longhand, with the typing starting the editing process.